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Well, Here are my thoughts on the issue.

If you aren't going to finish the game, or you dont really have a 'game' other than just copying the exact same crap, you shouldnt really bother.

Original Pokemon are fine, assuming theyre well implemented, and not replacing any of the originals.

short version
> Finish the damned thing.
> Don't try to just get everyone else to make a game *for* you. You're not paying them for it so it doesn't work that way.
> Spellchecker if you can't spell.
> Get some decent graphics.
> Original plot.
> Original game design.
> New features/concepts.
> Well planned and executed project.

Go look up project management. Read a few documents. Plan the project in advance. Divy up the work. Figure out what needs to be done. Have A Plan.

If you don't have a plan, you better be damn good.

If I see a project with work breakdown sheets, gantt charts, and uml diagrams, I'd go with that one, cause they apparently know what they're doing. (It is kindof overkill in a fan game, but its a hyperbole)

If you're not going to make the game original, or at leat good. go make a rom hack.

Thats not saying rom hacks are bad.

If someone made a decent Gold/Silver remake (that was finished) for GBA or DS, I would pay 40$ for a hard copy, as would I imagine, many other people.