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    Originally Posted by 0m3GA ARS3NAL View Post
    Well, No offence, but thethethethe also made one, I'll use both of yourse and compare them... may the best one win, but in any case, I started a revolution, hehehe. I am writing up some more usefull information, so expect an update sometime soon!
    Not understand very well what he said, because the translator does not help much xD
    But anyway, the idea was his, never said otherwise.
    And I did not see the routine of thethethethe, and am still learning ASM, it served as a good training ^ ^
    Who want to seize it any hack, or even optimize it, make a wish, it is even better because I learn more.
    PS: the google translator is a bit better than the Cade, I did not know it ^
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