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Originally Posted by thethethethe View Post
No. It's 25 for what I used. I checked that. That comment was there for me so I could check it later. You used swi 0xB, which the r2 amount is half of the full length because it uses two byte writes or half-word writes. 0xC uses double that and the r2 holds a quarter of the full amount because it uses word long writes.

You're right, the code still needs to be fixed up a bit.
now that I saw you used the 0xC and I 0xB ^^

.word 0x02024284
.word 0x020370b8
.word 0x020370ba
.word 0x020370b8
0x8002(var2) offset is $020370BC, not $020370b8 ^^

$020370B8 0x8000
$020370BA 0x8001
$020370BC 0x8002
$020370BE 0x8003
$020370C0 0x8004
$020370C2 0x8005
$020370C4 0x8006
$020370C6 0x8007
$020370C8 0x8008
$020370CA 0x8009
$020370CC 0x800A
$020370CE 0x800B
$020370D0 0x800D (LASTRESULT)
$020370D4 0x800C (PLAYERFACING)
$0203AD30 0x800E
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