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    Hi Victorspvl! How's Pokemon Silver Chronicle going? Well, I guess I really made a mistake for persuading you to revealing your work on Pokecommunity. Even though I'm happy with the support I have received so far, I have to confess that Pokecommunity is a site filled with jealousness, animosity and intentions.

    Yes, I'm just a game developer. I don't watch pokemon anime, I don't participate in online pokemon battle/trades with others, and I don't discuss real world issues on this board as well. You will learn that I'm telling the truth if you ever search my posts one by one, almost none of them are irrelevant to game development. All I have been trying to do is to create a game, a game that I can play, my friends can play, and any other gamers can play...

    I used to believe that I can stay out of troubles. I don't expect everyone to like me and my project, but I don't wish anyone of them to hate and behave hostilely on Pokemon HOF. Unfortunately, I'm wrong. There are just too many people on this site, and inevitably you will have to face vallains. They may be cynical, jealous or simply abnormal, but they are sparing no efforts bashing on you and your game. Their opinions are based on nothing, but they are causing the entire community to turn against you. They don't have evidence to prove their "theory", but we can't prove our innocence as well.

    My game, for instance, has become a project to "wipe out any other fan games in order to rule the Game Dev Forum", just because someone's malicious post in my co-worker Moose's thread. I already explained this to someone like Pokemon OI that I have no intention to make Pokemon HOF the only existing game on Pokecommunity, and the good news is that he seemed to have understood. However, I'm unable to explain it to everyone, and I'm sure some of them won't listen. It's just like Judges won't listen to the defense from someone who's accused of being a murderer, even if he is actually innocent. I hope you can understand my point as well. Please don't regard Pokemon HOF as a project trying to "clean the board" like some people do.

    What will you do if you're trapped in a situation like this? Well, it's good that you don't participate and post frequently on this site. Most people still don't know you and Pokemon Silver Chronicle, so you are less likely to become the target for the Vallains. I suggest you keep your work on that Brazilian website. I don't understand Portuguese but I can tell it's great, a website for people to discuss games. At least no one is being mean to you and your game. I will watch your Pokemon Silver Chronicles video on youtube whenever you release a new one. Please also inform me if you have an official site for Pokemon silver chronicles. I promise I will check it out whenever I have time.

    I must thank you again for inspiring my own project -- Pokemon HOF. It's you who convinced me that a multi-region game is attainable, and now I'm stick to it. Have a great weekend!
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