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    Alright, serious critique time.
    First off, controls are not explained. I know that you have them in that little ? box up the top, but really, they should be said straight to the player, and not left for the player to discover him/herself
    I tried walking into elm along with thousands of different keys before i realised that it was the space bar that was used to talk.
    Movement is sluggish, I understand that your server might not be able to keep up, but seriously? Movement alone stopped me from visiting every ones house and talking to NPC's. Seriously, it's that much of a problem. I don't know if your planning to put a bike in this game, but let me tell you, don't even bother until you get the walking issue underway.
    Thirdly: Music. I know that you put it in due to request, and that's a very good thing that you actually listen to requests, but jeez, if you're going to get a pathetic MIDI file, then don't even bother. Or if you are gonna do it anyway, at least have DIFFERENT MUSIC FOR DIFFERENT PLACES. Having the same music just gets annoying and is bound to raise blood pressure. At the very least, get a good MIDI. The battle music is terrible.
    Next, difficulty. Whatever happened to starting out with 3000 pokedollars, like the normal games? And why do pokemon only drop 5-20 a peice when pokeballs themselves cost 100? This makes it too difficult to raise weaker pokemon who need potions more (if there are potion in this game). Another thing. Proffesor Elm just tells you to bugger off to Cherrygrove. Going there does nothing. You are assuming the player has played GSC before and knows they must visit Mr Pokemon's house.

    On the plus side, the sprites are nice and clean. There is a bit of pixelisation but it's forgivable. The layout is fantastic, the menus are easy to navigate, registration takes seconds.
    But it does not, in any way, feel like any of the pokemon games do.

    There it is, critique, raw and harsh. Just remember, the harsher I am, the more pissed I am about that certain subject.
    I wish to see more in this project.
    Oops, no more rep system.