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    Hack name: Pokemon Land of Shadows

    Hack of: Emerald Version (U.S.)

    Additional information about the hack: It's a GBA follow-up to Gale of Darkness and Colosseum if you're interested. A bit on the large scale, but I've done a lot and I've hit a block.

    Finished percentage: Um... I dunno: Hero, heroine sprites, backsprites, mapping (first town) and some minor scripts and introductionary scripts of the rival characters? Some changed pokemon overworlds, most hero/heroine overworlds.

    Your hacking skills: Spriting, mapping, storylining, pokemon/trainer/item editing, all skills really EXCEPT scripting and Hex editing (which I may or may not need), which I fail at rather miserably.

    What help or skill you're looking for:
    Title Screen Editor
    XSE Scripter (x1 or x2 - or someone who can teach me)
    Advance Mapper (x1 or x2, I simply have too many maps to cover)
    Editor (x1 since I'm prone to error and mistakes) - Be warned; I'm self-taught so I make mistakes.
    Glitch and Testing (x2 or so)

    I usually work better with only a few people, but if you'll help, I'll be glad to take you. If you're curious, I've been working on this same hack for about a year alone. I finally hit a block where my below average scripting skills has pretty much shot me. So yeah. Some requirements:

    Resilience - I'm pretty hard to work with as I tend to be caught up in what I'm doing, and I take offense pretty easily, so be resilent and talk me out of whatever lunacy is coming from my head.
    Good work ethic - I'm easily depressed, so try not to give me everything in large doses
    Devotion - This is less importent, I understand - people need such and such, whatever. Just make sure you get things done by whatever time I give and I'm fine.
    Creativity - Something I came up with doesn't seem possible; please make it possible by doing it in a way that WILL work. Take use of available resources and find a way to make things happen. =)
    Finally - I'm not making a team for "friends" or anything. If you become friendly with me, fine, whatever. First in foremost though, please keep in mind what you are doing, kay?

    If you wanna see what I have done before you join or something like that, just ask. I'll be glad to show you. You don't have to be committed to joining to ask that, so yeah.

    DO NOT PM ME!!! Reason being that I do not log in enough. Just... uh... shoot. Email me or something. I'll respond to that a lot quicker. Thanks.
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