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    Originally Posted by Hall Of Famer View Post
    This game looks quite nice. Keep the good work up!
    Why thank you!
    And good luck on HOF aswell!

    Originally Posted by vannah08510 View Post
    Great game, though I wish the main character sprites were original. o-o
    Thanks and I planned to do so..!
    I even got the female sprite done just now..

    Originally Posted by POKEM4NlAC View Post
    cant wait for a new update! i really like your new text box btw
    Here is a new update(ish)!

    Originally Posted by SpRiTeRnInJa View Post
    sounds good im trying it now
    Ok, and do you like it?!


    It's not really that big, but here is some eye-candy..
    I'm not sure if I'm actually going to use it but still I hope you guys like it!

    So this is (possibly) the new heroine sprite, I hope you guys like it, and please comment on this!!

    (Click for the thread)

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