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    Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
    That's true with this guy as well. The difference between knowing something and understanding it is crucial. He KNOWS what each value does but does he understand any of it? Clearly not as when I asked him for more information, he replied that he didn't know. What bugs me more is the fact that he has shown no intention of EVER learning what these things mean. Why are people writing tutorials on things they don't understand?
    That's what DemonParia was trying to say before she got censored and that's what's frustrating about this whole thing.

    1. Nobody likes a grammer dictator....
    2. you know whats even MORE n00bish than bad grammer? posting complaints about grammer when its not even relevant to the topic!!!

    Also, I find this to be quite helpful, considering I had NO IDEA what half of them did...
    But, can you explain what the different heights are more?
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