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    Originally Posted by .Phones View Post
    That's a bit unfair, you can't just generalize people and a lot of people have little or no artistic talent when it comes to pixel art.

    Other than that, this game is wonderful, it reminds me of the old GSC games, which I loved. You're spriting style leaves me truly awstruck.
    Now the maps, I have nothing to critisize except that, you should never put grass in a town.
    It's amazing the details that you have worked into the sprites and tiles, I love the small different features you've put into the npc's that make them look like real civilians.
    The fakemon are okay, but they seem a bit blocky at times, I won't go further in that since I'm not a fakemon spriter myself.

    Great job so far!
    I hope to see more!
    That's really nice of you. Thanks! About the grass: You'll notice that next to that mansion there is a fenced off area with exotic trees. For a fee, the owner of this garden will let you stroll about, and you can catch rare Pokémon there. I wouldn't put grass in a town for no reason!

    Also, I realize that everyone has different talents. I think it's great to work together, and what-have-you. But it's all relative. If a person isn't going to be creating any new visuals for their game, what else are they doing? You know? That's what I meant to say.

    Originally Posted by Itachi Senpai View Post
    Will you be using any old pokemon in your game (I see you got an eevee in it)
    Nice sprite for Prof Hawthorn, the arms looks a little "thin" though.
    Nice swimming feature. Will you be able to swim in any water?
    And... I must say it once again... the maps looks so cool!
    Yes, of course! So far, you can find Glameow, Caterpie, Hoothoot, and Spinarak (and then Bluebrr and Hamchu) on Route C1. A girl in the Primrose Pokémon Center will trade you a Sporrow for a Spinarak. I think that's all. And Amy's Eevee may be a placeholder. I'm deciding whether or not I want her to have one of the Starters. Blaire will have the opposite type Starter as usual, seeing as she is your "real" rival, although I aim to make it that both are challenging to fight against. I had this idea the other day that different choices you make should shape how Amy's team develops... Like, I dunno... you do certain things and she decides she really wants to specialize in Water-types...

    As for the Prof.'s sprite, looking at it just now, I totally agree. I want to to tweak her shoes too.

    Right now, for swimming, you can swim in shallow water.