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    Sorry for double posting, but I have an update :D!


    I have made some changes to my battle screens so I want to show that, it's a change in experience bar color:


    What do you think about it?

    I also want to show you some of the story from after the demo
    It is after you passed the Runsurf Cave, where you enter a small town..
    It's called Topburg Town, there you'll do a shocking discovery..
    You'll find out about a hidden place some where in the town.
    It has something to do with team Galactic, and something with a myth...
    It's a myth about Cressilia, the moon pokémon..
    Team Galactic has plans with that pokémon...
    But what are these plans?
    You'll find out in the next update!

    Some screens of the little story above:

    Who are these guys? There they are again?!

    And where is this place?

    And some random screens of the Runsurf Cave

    Some work people, why? Yeah that was kinda obvious..

    And if you haven't noticed yet:
    The new not ready implented Heroine OW:


    So I have a contest planned..
    It's not that big, but it's something!
    In the update I talked about a myth and about team Galactic using this myth..
    So this is the contest, I want you guys to come up with a story of what team Galactic is using Cressilia for!
    The one who has his/her answer closest to my story wins the following prize:

    1th prize: You have the chance of being an important NPC in the game with your own made up story.
    2nd prize: You have the chance of being an other quite important NPC in the game.
    3th prize: You have the chance of being an not so important NPC in the game.


    I'm looking for someone who can do custom trainer sprites
    If you're interested PM me (with some proof of your skills)!

    Thanks for reading!

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