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Originally Posted by JesusLuvsU View Post
IS this game available for download.. or like a playable demo of what youve done so far =)
Nope, not yet! So far, there's about 15-20 minutes of gameplay finished. I'm going to be releasing a demo when I've finished up to the first gym. It seems like the standard. ;D

Originally Posted by Esmas View Post
Very nice! This game looks great, and I especially like how you took everything from the original game, and made it different. This game has a great deal of originality, and it doesn't matter if all of the sprites look odd, because it's original. I also like how all of the tiles are different, and your style is quite shiny.

Good luck with this awesome game, blueguy!
Thanks a lot! Shininess rules. ;P And just cause you asked about daytime, I decided to post a few more screenshots. It's mostly me just being a night owl, when I post night-time screens. XD

I've been sketching more new Pokémon, and I came up with one I really, really like. Sorry to be a tease, but I'll be posting stuff as soon as it's done.