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    Originally Posted by Esmas View Post
    Awesome! The tiles give a very colorful and bright feeling to the game, and they're beautiful! Just one thing, though. You should make the outline for your tree's upper area a bit brighter, because it looks very odd.

    Your Pokémon Center and Mart tiles (inside and out) are great, too. I really like the light shining out of them.

    I can't wait to see the new Pokémon designs, and I guess to play this game.
    That's the way I want it to feel! Colorful! But the next part of the game I'm working on is going to be darker. I've been working on the woods. I created an original piece of music in Mario Paint for it. XD Also, I made really big pine trees for the forest. They look cool! I can't wait to show them off.

    I agree with you about the trees, so I've lightened the outline at the top. ;D

    EDIT: No one's gonna see this, since my thread's way at the bottom (no one hearts me T_T ), but in my next update, I plan to show you the region map, with all the names/places of interest, as well as a new region name. Also, I really don't like Arcticub, and I really want to improve the quality of my Pokémon, so I made a completely new one today! It's so cute! I want to have it on my team... And the name is a lot better! I can't wait to show you guys.