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i cant hide the sprite i talk to Please help this is the Script i was using

Note: its a spoiler for my New Pokemon game
another Note: Not like any1 cares

#dynamic 0x800000
#org @start
msgbox @text 0x6
#org @text
=Hey im Lance , I no you don't know me \pBut i have been watching\n you \pand your pokemon grow \pThere are some crazy people\nout there \pIn fact there are 10 people \pwho are trying to create a\nnew pokemon\pThere going to call it Suicune\pI need you to help me stop this\pThere Planing to use\nthis Pokemon\pfor evil , to take over\nthe world \pwith this pokemons power it wont be hard\pWe will meet again , when it is time
hidesprite 0x05

Editome one Please help with the Hidesprite ^ cause its not working

and also can some one give me a Better example for Giving an Egg cause he just put giveegg 0x115
i dont get that can some one give me an Example with every command


#dynamic 0x80000
#org @start
giveegg 0x155

is that all i put or something

or are these commands spousto be in the SCript


please give me an example Script for giving an egg
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