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    -In Emerald, is it worth it training a Poochyena? And the little worm that appears in the beggining, too? Are there any differences (in terms of fighting) between male and female pokemons?
    Mightyena could come in handy in several different occasions through the game, but usually it is not that good. If you were looking at this Pokemon because of its dark type, then you should look more towards Sharpedo or Cacturne.

    Wurmple and its evolutions are disgustingly weak towards anything. The only good form would be Dustox and its Toxic. You can use this moveset if you are going to use it, but I would suggest not too.

    Dustox @ __ (anything could be used here)
    Careful Nature
    Shield Dust
    - Sludge Bomb
    - Light Screen
    - Protect
    - Toxic

    This is just a special wall you can use throughout the game; however, it won't be much help once you start getting into the Battle Frontier.
    -In FireRed, what is the fastest way to get a Psyduck? (I really want one but I just started the game)
    The fastest way to get a Psyduck is in the Safari Zone where you get the Surf. Just apply the Surf HM to a Pokemon and eventually you can find a Psyduck in the small ponds / lakes.