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Character's Name- Channing Pitt
Character's Age- 17 (Second Year)
Appearance- As his homeroom teacher said to him his first day at Izanami High, "Channing, you look like you just stepped out of an Abercrombie & Fitch ad." One of Channing's faults is his vanity. He wakes up at least two hours before school to shower, shave, work out, shower again, iron his clothes, gel his hair, brush his teeth, and wax his eyebrows once a week. The effort shows though as he often appears flawless. His blond hair is always neatly styled into a fauxhawk. His mother, being a sales executive in the fashion industry, has access to almost any designer in the world. Channing takes full advantage of his situation and snares whatever clothing appeals to him. Normally, he wears contacts in his vibrant blue eyes, but when the situation calls for it, he can be spotted wearing steel framed glasses. Never one to wear casual clothing, he's always spotted wearing a blazer, dress shirt, tie, dress pants, and dress shoes of varying colors and coordination. His favorite outfit and the one he's most often seen wearing is white blazer, black dress shirt, white tie, white pants, and white dress shoes. He wears a simple golden chain necklace most of the time unless it clashes with his outfit. He has a noticeable birthmark on the left side of his neck that's shaped like a heart. Channing is also missing a nail on his left index finger. When he was four, his house was being remodeled. He was playing in the area where a bunch of bricks were being stored. He moved one which cause some bricks to fall. One fell on his finger and broke it, taking the fingernail with it. If he had to pick one feature on his body he disliked, it would be his feet. Compared to the rest of his large frame (he stands at six feet and two inches and weighs two-hundred and ten pounds), his feet are a measly size eight.
History- He isn't native born to Japan - he grew up in California in the United States. When he was younger, his father was a Senator. Channing spent his time in California, where his father would come back any weekend he could to spend time with his family. Channing was very attached to his mother and his maid, whom he called Nana. His grandparents also lived with them in their estate on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

He always showed a natural affection towards typically feminine activities- make up, clothing, playing house. Worried, his parents pushed him into more masculine activities like baseball and Boy Scouts. Luckily for him, he excelled at these activities as well. As he grew older, he figured out ways to act out his real interests while maintaining what his parents wanted of him in front of others. He was an average student, normally getting around an eighty-five average in middle school.

When he was 16, a new President was elected. His father had close connections to the new President and appointed Channing's father to the Japanese Ambassador position. Not wanting to leave his family behind, they packed up their home and moved to Japan together. At first Channing was resistant to moving. Eventually, after researching Japan more on Wikipedia, his interest in the country grew and he happily agreed to the move.

Being sixteen, he entered Izanami High School as a first year. Luckily for Channing, he wasn't the only transfer student: a girl named Ginger had come to the school from Britain. Unfortunately, she was terribly shy and unhappy, so she generally ignored Channing's advances for friendship. His classmates were fascinated with him: it wasn't everyday a tall, blond man wandered the halls of Izanami High School. His natural talent for sports also landed him in the spotlight. He excelled at baseball, quickly taking over the leadership role on the club team. Girls were fascinated with him and often invited him out on dates. He refused however as he wasn't interested in dating right now. This infuriated his parents, who wanted Channing to find a cute Japanese girlfriend that would look good in any potential photo opportunities. Ever frustrated with his parents attitudes, he continued on with his facade.

One day, he met a classmate named Ichigo Amaragi. He was a thin, quiet boy who was friends with all the girls in school. At first he thought Ichigo was solely a ladies man, but as he got to know the boy, he came to realize he wasn't interested in the women. For the first time in Channing's life, he had met another gay male. Ichigo didn't hide his sexuality. He didn't openly flaunt it for everyone to see, but he wouldn't deny it if someone asked. Channing had come to learn that while there was no open discrimination in Japanese society, it was generally frowned upon to flaunt it at school or work.

Channing began to hang out with Ichigo on a regular basis. Channing started to open up to him, saying he never felt interest in the girls he saw. Ichigo suggested maybe he was gay too. Perplexed, Channing began to wonder that perhaps that's what was "always wrong with him." Time passed on and Channing's feelings began to change for Ichigo. Whenever he saw the boy, his stomach turned into a bunch of knots. When they would walk around the local Junes, they would gentle brush against one another and would both proceed to blush. One night, while walking home from the library, Channing made a move and kissed Ichigo. From that point on, the two have been inseparable, secretly dating. With his parents and societal limitations, Channing could never openly date a guy. But when he was alone with Ichigo, everything felt right.

When Ginger was murdered, it sent shock waves through the Pitt family. Questions arose that perhaps the murderer targeted Ginger because she was a foreigner. Worried, they kept Channing secluded in the house, not allowing him to leave. Frustrated, he spent his time texting Ichigo. Finally, the buzz around the murder passed and Channing began to leave the house again.

However, his interest in the murder didn't wane. For some reason, he felt a strange connection to the murder. One night, he fell asleep at the computer and awoke in a strange place. He was sitting in a limousine, covered in pink velvet. There were two other people in the car who introduced themselves as Igor, an eccentric old man with a long nose, and Margaret, a beautiful blond woman. They explained they were here to guide Channing and several others to their true destiny. They couldn't reveal what his true destiny was, but it was dire that he overcome any challenges coming his way or it could spell the demise of not only Channing, but the entire town of Kio. With a flick of Igor's hand, a strange energy surged inside of Channing. Perplexed, Channing asked what that was. Igor let out a maniacal laugh and said that it would reveal itself when the time was needed.

Channing jolted awake, drenched in sweat. He shook his head and thought that was more than a simple dream. Tired, he moved to his bed, wondering what that dream really meant...
Personality- Channing is a never a man of many words. He's usually calm, collected, and difficult to unsettle. He's good at putting on a facade, no matter the situation. He's grown exceptionally good at lying and will use this to his advantage: whether it's with his parents, Ichigo, or his teachers at school. He never likes to receive compliments and blushes easily. He hates debates and politics as a whole. He loves creative activities like painting, tailoring, and sculpting. He does this mostly on his own in seclusion - not even Ichigo knows of his passion for the arts. Caring for others. He prefers to show these in not-so-obvious ways, like mowing the lawn without being asked, leaving small notes in Ichigo's locker, and having food to bring in for his teachers.
RP Example- lol

Persona's Name- Eir
Persona's Arcana- Priestess
Persona's Specialty- [Ice/Healing/Magic]
Persona's Appearance- Tall, blond, and pale to the point of almost being translucent. She has no mouth, and her eyes are blank. She wears a Valkyrie's helmet on her head. She carries a caduceus in her left hand and short sword in her right. She has a snake wrapped around her right arm, appearing to be an armband at first sight, but upon closer inspection, it's a live snake. Surrounded by a vibrant aura. (Based on a Nordic Goddess of Healing)

Ultimate Persona

Persona's Name- Frigga
Persona's Arcana- Priestess
Persona's Specialty- [Ice/Healing/Magic]
Persona's Appearance- Similar in appearance to Eir. Her hair is longer and tied into one ponytail. Her dress in trimmed with gold. She still has no mouth and her eyes are still blank. Her cadeceus is now silver instead of wood. She still has a snake wrapped around her arm, but it too appears to be made of gold. Her short sword is now a longsword and she also has a shield equipped on her arm. (Based on Odin's Wife aka the Queen on the Nordic Mythology)

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