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    Originally Posted by mitchel1 View Post
    Nice hack you got there >Dante< great to see your hack is improved with your old hack King of the sea I quess? but I've a question why every italian or spanish people always hacks ruby? i know it's a great base for graphics but Fire red is more stabiel.
    but that's me xD apart from that. Nice script and graphics But you still need to work on your english My english isn't that good trough xD but ask someone for transplate some of your text It'll be better
    Good luck with this hack >Dante<.
    thanks friend XD
    the answer is that ruby or fire red doesn't do any difference according to me.
    A hack can be beautiful is if it is on ruby both fire red..
    in both cases the tileses they are changed.. they are made the scripts and it is invented a history ^ ^
    a motive could be that Italians and the Spaniards know better the basic ruby
    while the English and the Germans I know better fire red...
    however thanks for your post friend ^ ^