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What's it been, a month since I made this thread? There's a grand total of zero reviews or comments on it... xD

The Rebellion of Mesprit
(chapter five, the fifth chapter of the story. this could get ugly.)
High, high above the cold region of Sinnoh, there stood a staircase composed of fragments of light. Said staircase can only be found by playing a specific tune on a specific instrument at the top of Mt. Coronet, otherwise known as the Spear Pillar.

Should a human ascend up this staircase (which they could not, for it was composed of fragments of light, which humans cannot physically climb) he would be greeted with a large tunnel, shimmering with ridiculously bright crystals poking out of the rock in just about every direction imaginable.

Should a human walk down this tunnel (which they could not, for the light would surely blind them, even if they closed their eyes; a Pokemon could endure it as judged by the creators of the tunnel) they would be greeted with extremely big, bright white marble doors.

Should the human open the doors (which they could not, for the doors were incredibly heavy) they would behold a truly amazing sight.

The Spear Pillar as it was before it was cracked, broken and destroyed (both by time and… something else). It came complete with columns of shimmering crystal, a floor of brilliant rock with a path down the middle that was smooth and shiny and cold as ice. Located behind the end of the path was a cave inserted into the rock.

Should one walk through this cave, once again brightly lit by crystals, they would find a Pokemon researcher’s dream; a huge room filled to the brim with Legends.

Of course, the Legendaries had put all of these human-stopping traps in place to stop them from trespassing and consequently saving them from the possibility of having their minds wiped at the absolute least. It’s standard safety precautions, really.

At the back wall of this enormous, shimmering, brilliant room, sitting on a huge white pillar-thing, there was the Origin.

The Origin was a luminous white creature that resembled a Rapidash ever so slightly in terms of anatomy – four long, powerful legs, a fairly long neck, and a somewhat similar body shape. But the similarities stop there, as it was quite clear that this was no Rapidash – it’s head, instead of having a long muzzle, had what looked like some sort of horned helmet. There was a long, billowing flap of skin near the back that was connected to this helmet. Said helmet had an area around the face which seemed to be cut out, with a black area where the green eyes glowed ominously. It was then closed again and merged with the rest of the body, also a luminous white.

Instead of hooves, it had yellow arrow-shaped patterns coming up from its pointed feet. There were what seemed to be yellow rings protruding from behind it, though on a side view you would see that the yellow rings were actually another part of the body. White, wispy things flowed from the back of its head and around its hoof area.

This was the Origin. Arceus.

There were countless other brilliant forms in this big white room, though to describe them all could fill an impressively-sized volume by itself. So the Legendaries will be referred to by name. By reading this far, it will be assumed you know your Legendaries.

The room was abuzz with talk. Darkrai and Cresselia were arguing about who had rightful control of the night, and the moon by extension. Zapdos and Raikou were trying to explain to Mew the finer points of thunder-roasted Farfetch’d, Pidgey, Spearow, and just about every other non-Legend bird meat, but the vegetarian Mew wasn’t buying it. In fact, she looked absolutely horrified at the thought of eating another Pokemon.

Azelf was glancing around, wondering where his sister went.

“Hey, Uxie,” he mumbled to the creature floating beside him, failing to notice the fact that he was currently in a debate with Lugia about… something. They were speaking so quickly that nobody but themselves could tell what was coming out of their mouths. “Have you seen Mesprit around?”

“No,” Uxie replied. “She’s been extremely secretive about her activities for a while now. Besides, there is always someone missing… like Palkia and Giratina. And, of course, Mesprit.”

Groudon and Kyogre was cracking jokes about Teams Magma and Aqua, and Rayquaza soon got in on the fun with a rather amusing comment about the leader’s weak Pokemon. (They really were very weak.) Regice was laughing as well, and soon joined in with his own jokes.

Shaymin and Manaphy were arguing about Cyrus’ Crobat. Manaphy was saying that since Crobat evolves by friendship, it was kind of impossible for Cyrus to have it evolve. Shaymin was trying to explain that Cyrus didn’t necessarily have to love Crobat back, but the small blue Legendary didn’t get it and soon gave up on the conversation.

Everyone was having a fairly good time, and nobody expected to have someone blast angrily into the room.

But that’s just the way things work.

Suddenly, the huge marble doors slammed open. Mesprit was standing there, baby-blue paw extended, gritting her teeth, yellow eyes filled with rage.

“That answers your question, Azelf,” Uxie said flatly.

“How could you?” She spat at everyone in the room, looking around, eyes shooting daggers and laser beams.

“I cannot say I know what you’re talking about.” Uxie said calmly, glancing at his sister, eyes half-open.

“What I’m talking about? WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT?” Mesprit practically shouted. “YOU let him pass! You had a little chat and let him pass! YOU LET HIM! Yeah, you know who I’m talking about! YES! The useless Magikarp with the Links! YEAH, HIM! Mister what’s-his-planet!”

“Cyrus.” Uxie pointed out calmly.

“YEAH! HIM!” Mesprit roared.

Articuno turned to Mesprit, wings ruffled angrily.

“Be silent, for Arceus’ sake.” Articuno growled. You would imagine Arceus would take offense to this, but he did not take any at all and allowed the others to use the term. “You know what happened. We presented him with his punishment, he survived it, and he’s going to face the consequences. The man is no more malicious than a newborn Riolu.”

‘Oh, lovely.’ Uxie thought. ‘She finally snapped.’

Mesprit snorted angrily. “Oh, yeah. That vacation? We should have gone with Darkrai’s suggestion!”

“Well, finally.” Darkrai rolled his eyes, one of which were covered by the white wisp protruding from his black head. “See, Arceus? Both Mesprit and I think he should have been destroyed. It would have been so much less complicated that way!” He put his arms behind his head, and leaned back in the chair-like structure he was sitting on, wispy shadows at the bottom of his body turning into Blaziken-like black legs with shadows swirling around near the bottom.

“No, it would not.” Suicune blinked, and when his eyes opened again, they were glowing white. He spoke in a very deep voice unlike his own. For, you see, Arceus did not speak; he roared, he growled, he snorted, but he did not speak. He would manipulate one of the other Legendaries (or sometimes one of his Arcanine troopers who followed him around; they are ‘legendary’ after all!) and speak that way. That’s just one of the things Arceus does; nobody questions it and it poses no problems, so nobody really cares.

“For if we had destroyed him as you suggested, he would have been reborn, in a form with the potential to be much, much worse, if such a thing was possible for a human.” Suicune spoke in the deep voice, and when he blinked again, his eyes were back to their regular luminance. Arceus turned his head and fixed the emerald-green glare on Mesprit, who wasn’t taking any of it.

“Ha!” Mesprit spat, now overflowing with rage. “Well, you know, if you all are going to just ignore this...this...this TRAITOR’s actions-“ She pointed a finger at Uxie, who raised an eye a bit higher with a “hm?” - “Well, then, Darkrai and I will stop him and his Pokemon underlings ourselves.” She began to hover back out of the room, tails lashing angrily, and then noticed Darkrai was not following. “DARKRAI! You’re supposed to be coming with ME! THIS WAY!” She pointed out of the open doors and out into the corridor.

Darkrai shook his head and got up from his Slouch of Villainy. “Nuh-uh, miss. No can do.” He began to walk towards Mesprit, who was seriously ticked and very dangerous by this point, “Sure, I want the stupid guy gone, but I’m not going to go against the most powerful forces known to anything at all to do so. You’re on your own this time. Bye, now. Don’t come again.”

He curled his hand into a fist and sent the small creature flying a good five feet into the luminous corridor, stopped from going farther only by making full contact with a particularly large crystal. (This caused her to get a pretty bad gash in her back, which then started to bleed).

And with a flick of his finger, the door pulsed with dark energy and slammed in Mesprit’s misshapen face.

“YOU WILL...YOU WILL ALL...” Mesprit got up, shaking violently. She attempted to attack the door and get it open, but the ridiculously heavy door would not be budged (especially seeing as Mesprit was about to faint).

“YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” With a final slam and kick on the door, Mesprit was gone; off in a blind rage to do whatever she could to stop Link-man (sword not included) in his tracks. Her twisted face of rage was soon replaced by a maniacal grin as she shot down the corridor, weaving out of the way of the crystals, around the stairs, and down to the Spear Pillar as it is right now, cracked pillars and all. Mesprit’s blood was flying everywhere in her frantic race down to the mainworld of Sinnoh.

She then slowed herself and started floating over to a hollow pillar. She descended into the glorified tube, head-first. At the bottom, light was pouring in from Mesprit’s luminescent jewel on her forehead. Glancing around for a second, she finally found what she was looking for. Reaching down, Mesprit clutched her prize and returned to the surface. She looked around one last time, shook her head sadly, and then lurched into motion again.

She flew out of the pillar, down Mt. Coronet, and off to the tiny Town of Twinleaf, clutching pieces of a broken, blood red chain for dear life. And yep, blood was still flying out of her wound.

One certain piece of this chain fell out of her grasp without her noticing in her blind rage, and flew down into a crumbled ruin around the Eterna City area.

“You three,” A glow-eyed Regigigas said as he pointed at a trio of Arcanine, “clean up the bloody mess Mesprit made.” The Arcanine nodded eagerly, evidently not catching Regigigas' psuedo-strange expression, and stared at the space in front of them. Various cleaning supplies were conjured into being a few moments later. The Arcanines snatched them and set to work cleaning.
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