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Originally Posted by heatman2477 View Post
i think i read something somewhere on this site that said there was some kind of breeding glitch in the game. if so what is it exactly. if i remember correctly someone said they used it for pokemon to be palparked into D/P. i'm planning on starting emerald again soon and if there is something that will benefit me in diamond/pearl or platinum then i'd like to implement it this time.
If you mean the method of obtaining ridiculously high IVed Pokémon really fast (as in, a few hours) by exploiting the RNG, you don't need to new game for that. In fact, you would be better off if you didn't new game, since you already have access to the Day Care.
However, if you want to exploit the RNG further and get shiny legendaries, then you'd have to new game (unless you haven't caught some of them yet).