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My current Emerald team:

Swampert lv 49
Azumarill lv 45 (I never really used one for a playthrough before, despite wanting to since G/S)
Altaria lv 49 (finally decided to train one of them Swablus. As a Swablu it was next to useless, but after evolving it tears through everything :3)
Breloom lv 44 (I was originally gonna keep it Shroomish for Spore, but then decided I couldn't be bothered with Shroomish's awful stats and movepool)
Nuzleaf lv45 (despite the fact that I already have a Grass type? And that the other one is better at using physical moves? God knows why I love this guy, he's jumped into one of my all time favourite Pokemon)
Aggron lv 45 (:3)
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