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Originally Posted by Platinum994 View Post
Very very good >Dante<; your hack is fantastic!
thank you friend..

Originally Posted by megiddo View Post
This looks really nice. Sounds interesting too.
I might be able to help with the grammar.
yes I know..but thank you friend

Originally Posted by Number Prince View Post
This guy sure is mysterious.

(Just like Iris in MMBN 6) And he can only be found in the Players
dreams, right?
you are right..
this character appears only in the dreams..
and with the time the hero will learn to trust himself him..

hello to everybody!
You excuse if for some time I have not shown you any news but I have been very busy..
rather to say the truth I am always occupied XD
however we return to the hacking..
I have prepared an enough nice event..
it concerns gyarados it is Lance (what a key character of this hack will be)
apart the usual errors of grammar..
this video is not complete, in the sense that I have not put a lot of things..
of the type the the trainers backsprite.. and the trainers' sprites..
I hope that you look over these details and I hope to receive many comments around this video...

I hope to see many comments!!
soon I will also prepare the Userbars
for all the fans of this hack..
if there are XD