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Hey, i never even knew this existed

Hey guys, i have spoken to King about an idea i had... I want to make this RP into a game. I allready asked king if i can use the idea, ship names ect. so now i am asking you if i can use your character's, i completely understand if you don't want anything to do with it but i thaught it would be a good idea.

So far i have permission from:

~JJMcay (Of course)
~Black Pendulum Rayquaza
~dboring (Via VM)
~Wolfsrain23 (Via VM)
~DrAcO_ToRpEdO (Via VM)
~The warden (Via VM)
~Mira (Via VM)

An untold tale of the high seas...
A tale of the dawn of exploration...
A tale that spans time...
A tale, never told before...

Pokémon: Age of Exploration
Coming Soon...