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Hopefully this gets noticed here... XD

Every story has a beginning, middle, and an end. Without these things, a story is nothing more than a bunch of words with absolutely no point. Well, this story has all of those things, and the beginning takes us as far back in time as World War II.

Constantine Leubast was a German man who had seen his fill of unpleasant things over the course of his life. When he was young, he did his part for his country and participated in the Second World War He lost everything during that time. Friends, family, everything was stripped from him while he was off fighting battles for reasons he didn’t believe in. By the time the war ended, he was already thirty-five, and he had nothing left. He spent the next ten years of his life wallowing in depression, not allowing himself to get close to anyone or anything. Constantine simply locked himself in his tiny apartment, making no contact with the outside world. He let himself go.

That all changed, one day, when he received word from his only remaining family, his Uncle, that he had met the perfect bride for Constantine, in Canada of all places. His Uncle had traveled there several months prior on business. According to the letter, this woman, Isolda, would be the perfect companion for Constantine. Curious, and intent on getting out of his rut, the man departed for the foreign country the next month, unaware of what type of woman this "Isolda" might be.

When Constantine was introduced to his predicted love interest sometime later, he was a little more than shocked. The woman, like himself, holed herself up in her apartment, not daring to go outside for any reason. Why? Simply because she had a lifestyle that most people could not accept. She liked the dark, the gothic, and the people around her could not acknowledge her interests. Constantine on the other hand, felt sympathy for the woman, a person who was all alone like himself and made a habit of going to visit her every day. It was that the two would fall in love and eventually marry.

When they had saved up enough money as a couple, Constantine and Isolda Leubast purchased the land to build a mansion out in the Canadian wilderness out of the dark designs of Isolda's mind. They moved in not long afterward, and lived happy lives together until things went astray.

Isolda eventually proposed the idea of wanting a child, a daughter, something Constantine had no interest in having. The wife pushed and pushed until her husband eventually snapped. It's probably worth mentioning here that Isolda, ever since the completion of the mansion, had been slowly losing strands of her sanity. As they were in the middle of nowhere, cut off from the rest of civilization, loneliness crept up on her and slowly ate away. She was often found before the mirror in the entrance hallway, talking to her non-existent child which was only her reflection. She talked endlessly about dressing them up in gothic lolita, a style that had recently become popular in Japan that she had seen pictures of.

Constantine eventually left Isolda without saying a word. He just up and disappeared, abandoning her lonely self in that huge mansion. It goes without saying that she committed suicide shortly after, in front of that wretched mirror. Her last words went to her imaginary child, wishing that they could watch over herself and the house. Rumor has it that her husband went back to collect some items from the home one day, but he never returned. The truth of the matter, as detectives eventually learned, was that he was ripped limb from limb, his body parts scattered in various parts of the mansion.

After that, Leubast mansion was left completely alone, until one raining day in 2006. A young man was unfortunate enough to run out of gas nearby the Leubast mansion. Curious, and hoping for some gas, the youth entered the house, only to be startled by his own reflection in the ominous mirror of the entrance hall. He laughed it off, but was overcome with a new horror when he noticed himself changing, taking on a form quite unlike his own. A curse transformed him, and a girl in Gothic Lolita attire stood in his place. She recognized herself as Annabel Lee Leubast, and the boy's memories were soon taken by the curse as well, replaced with the fake personality and memories of a girl that never existed in the first place.

Annabel Lee, "daughter" of Isolda Leubast, lived alone in that mansion for three years, over which period of time she learned her had unique gifts. She did not age, for one, and she seemed to have an unusual bond with the spiritual. Yet, as the destiny of all Leubast women seemed to be, she quickly grew lonely without anyone else around. So, imagine her luck when a group of unfortunate souls showed up at her front door in search of shelter from the rain...

I can imagine you know where this is going. You arrive at the Leubast Mansion after your car broke down on the way to a wedding with a bunch of friends. What's worse, you locked yourselves out and it started to rain! Clearly, going in the scary looking mansion was the best choice. Unluckily for you, the sole, supernatural resident of the mansion has been very lonely, and she really needs someone to keep her entertained.

Ooookay. So, just seeing if anyone is interested in the idea. It would be a horror RP based around curses, and here's the most interesting part: Anyone who gains approval to join the RP by me gets to submit a curse. When the RP is about to start, I will stick all the ideas in this randomizer, and the curses will get assigned to different characters! Of course, you'd have to be willing to accept the curse you end up with, if that was the case. So, any takers?

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