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    Originally Posted by TrackerXNinjaX View Post
    hmmm.......could be good.......very about, you have fight the other trainers ( red and blue if you are green)

    That would be a good idea, I sorta gave a rough idea, so I didn't put a bunch of stuff down. I wouldn't be able to do it anyway...

    because they try to stop you before you fight the other gym leaders. When you beat the imposters the real red and blue come in and ask you to find pokemon. They heal your pokemon and you beat koga, surge, and sabrina. They leave and give you the badges, saying that their pokemon were taken hostage by the leader, who turns out to be the current pokemon league champion.

    Going by Manga storyline standards, It could be made Lance, being all evil and stuff.

    You beat him and then bam! you beat the game or something else happens.

    The Yellow saga!

    Anyway, here's my idea-

    NAME-Pokemon Gravity

    LEGENDARY-Atmero ( a pokemon that resides in the center of the earth and can utilize both psychic, earth, flying, and ghost techniques. He is flying/psychic. His ability is called centerforce. Centerforce slows the opponents speed and reduces special attack.
    He emerges whenever it wants through volcanoes and fissures. He has been sighted so few times that people dont beleive he exists, except for the people who saw him.)

    A legendary with a decent ability... How about a signiture attack? A gravity based attack that could deal proportional damage and lower speed even more... But that could be overpowered...

    LOCATION-unamed region to the north of jhoto. Lots of mountains, valleys, and caves.
    There will be trips underwater. I really hope that a script to have people follow you will be found! Would be cool to have mabye brock with you.

    You would need a good reason to have him there.

    #1- Recently, in underground caves, miners have found rooms with carvings in the wall depicting an ancient pokemon with a large, many-layered circle around him and large ancient math equations that are too complicated for scientists and mathematicians to understand. Team Galactic has linked the pictures with Atmero, and are racing to find it.

    Didn't they disband? Or are they under new leadership?

    Why? To force mankind off the earth by making it uninhabitable. They think that if they can control gravity, people will be more "supportive"(dont want to die!) and they will recieve world-wide support. A spy in Team Galactic has leaked the information to the major scientists in the world. Professor Elm reccomended you for the job, as you are his neice/nephew and live the closest to the most likely enterance to the caverns below.

    He could at least send back up in the form of Gold, but Pokemon never made too much sense when having newbs confront legendaries...

    Now, a race to the center of the earth begins!

    ADD-ONS- #1 GEO-map (town map marking the best routes and caves in the region)

    #2- starters are lightning, earth, and flying.

    Unique choice. But does Earth pokemon exist? Don't you mean Ground?

    #3- all new pokemon with jhoto pokemon. No Kanto pokemon because of a mountain ridge that prevents the migration into jhoto. Mabye 100-150 new. (I have a few freinds that would be willing to help. The pokemon wont suck or look weird.)
    It would be hard finding something that isn't done, but this sounds great anyway. Better than mine.