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    Originally Posted by mitchel1 View Post
    Nice script again >Dante< the only thing what bother me was that cloud effect. apart from that it's nice good to see that the ASM shiny script also get used on that wally thing
    good luck further
    thanks friend..
    for the clouds I will correct it

    I have finally completed the set of the trainer..
    complete of sprite and backsprite..
    I will put also tomorrow the back trainer of Lance..
    because I am very busy now "

    I cared to remember that the part in which there is Lance against the red Gyarados it's modified thanks to the ASM..
    because it is not a simple whildbattle..
    besides the routine shiny.
    has not been simple to change the pokèmon against which to fight.. and not even that that was used..
    without counting that I have also changed the attack xD
    I cared to specify not it to boast me..
    but to explain what they can seem simple to the appearance..
    in reality it is very more complicated ^ ^
    I hope that you like this new updating..
    to the next one!!