Thread: [Tutorial] Neti's Natural Mapping Tutorial
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    Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
    First post!
    I'll edit once I read the thread!

    Alright, let's see here. This tutorial is all fine and dandy for a natural mapping tutorial but what would be really cool would be a tutorial on how to make Nintendo maps... Now THERE'S an idea!
    Anyways, I use a similar mountain-making/water-making style in my maps except I use the corner tiles.
    One thing I noticed is that you said "you must not have a plan" while in your previous mapping tutorial, you told us to always have a plan before even starting to map so that our maps don't all look the same (some advice which I still use to this day).
    Still, this is a nice tutorial and I hope to see its results in the MRT

    of course before starting to map you should have an idea about the genral look of the map, but you shouldnt think about what the mountain shapes will be exactly like
    thats what i mean


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