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    Beat the E4 today, and I've spent most of the day running around on One Island hoping for a random shiny. I am up to 9000 encounters in this area, levelling my team to Lvl 100. I really do hope that a shiny appears before my whole team is Lvl 100, something that they are vastly approaching.

    Also spent today hunting for shiny Tangela in my other FireRed, as well as doing a few resets for a few other shiny targets. Nothing has appeared to me in any of my games, so I am counting on either Tangela or a One Island Pokemon to shine soon.

    I may also do some hunting in either Diamond or Pearl. I've had a shiny drought in these games since I hatched my shiny Qwilfish in November 2008. I'll cross my fingers and hope something shiny comes my way. Congrats to new shinies everyone.
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