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Tutorials & Resources

Well sweetie pies, its spring cleaning, and we’re combining Tutorials and Resources into one thread!

Shop Index

This thread contains a list of currently active shops you can request from~

Resources for Various Programs

Original Thread
Originally Posted by Sorano
Once again, the old thread was really old and seemed pretty unorganized, so it's new thread time. :D
This thread will have a list of resources for programs like PSP and Photoshop. I'm sure if you take the time to skim through the list, you'll find some stuff that may be of use to you. :)

→ Of course, all PokéCommunity Rules are to be read and followed.
→ If you take anything for the sites listed, don't forget to credit the creator.

Contributing to the List
If you know of any good resources that aren't on the list, post them here. :D It would be very helpful, and I'll add them to the list if it seems good enough.

List speshul thx to old member Claire for starting out this list.
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop CS2 30-day Trial
Photoshop 7.0 Trial

Photoshop Tutorials
Good Tutorials
How to install free brushes etc.

Free Brushes
Free Brushes -a ton of them
BioRust Brushes (need to register for free)
DeviantArt Brushes
Brush Listings
Another Brush Listings
Finfond Brushes
Rebel Heart Brushes
Brushes by Sage
*How to create your own brushes
*Another how to create your own brushes

Free Shapes, Patterns & Borders
DeviantArt Patterns
Free Patterns
BioRust Patterns (need to register for free)
Shapes & Patterns Listings
Free Shapes -a ton of them
BioRust Shapes (need to register for free)
Borders & Frames by Sage

Free Textures & Gradients
Free Textures
Free Gradients
BioRust Gradients (need to register for free)

Free Layer Styles
Layer Style Listings
Free Styles
Photoshop Styles
BioRust Layer Styles (need to register for free)

Free Actions
DeviantArt Actions
BioRust Actions (need to register for free)

Corel Paint Shop Pro (previously known as Jasc)
Corel Paint Shop Pro X 30-day Trial
Paint Shop Pro 9.0 Trial

PSP 7 & 8 Tutorials
Installing custom brushes

Free Brushes
DeviantArt Brushes
Brush Listings
Finfond Brushes
Omnix Brushes
Ely & Kelley's Brushes
*Create custom brushes
*Another create custom brushes

Free Shapes
Preset Shapes
Sissywood Vector Shapes
Teph's Vector Shapes

Free Patterns & Tiles
Ely & Kelley's Patterns
Nanson's Tiles
Estazia Tubes & Patterns
Nanson's Presets

Free Tubes
PSP Tubes
Estazia Tubes & Patterns
Jumpin Jack's Tubes & Frames
Ely & Kelley's Tubes

Free Gradients
Ely & Kelley's Gradients
Nanson's Gradients

General -most can be used on any graphics programs
Graphics Resources
Great tutorial listing
Grey Cobra
Game Renders

DeviantArt Fonts -original member-created fonts
1001 Free Fonts
Font Freak
Acid Fonts
BioRust Fonts
Abstract Fonts
What's that font

Tutorials by Pokecommunity Members

Original, old tutorials can be found here.
Originally Posted by Guenhwyvar

-You must follow the PokeCommunity Graphics & Photography rules, as well as the general rules.

-Posted tutorials can be text, text with pictures showing examples, or a link to a site that contains the tutorial.

-Your posts must contain either a tutorial, and example that was made using one of the above tutorials, or comments/criticism towards a tutorial.

-Do not post tutorials that you have not made, or do not belong to you.

Please follow these rules.

The form required for posting tutorials:

Program Used:
Skill Level:


1. Please do not post links contributing to the resources list! PM them to me!
2. Posts in this thread should pertain ONLY to tutorials, their outcomes, etc. Resource discussion belongs in the Graphics Lounge, and suggestions should be PMed to me.

It's basically the old Tutorials thread, but we've got a nice big list of resources at the top- that's pretty much the biggest change.