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    Originally Posted by sab View Post
    nice tut neti. This is exactly the way I map. The problem is, while 4/5 of the time it turns out great, 1/5 of the time It turns out really crappy and nobody seems to be able to figure out why, or at least It does for me... Anyway, I really think that you have the best sence of naturality.
    You know what, I think you're correct.
    There are some people who make maps and doesn't turn out natural.
    I also think that how their sense of naturality affects their map. In case of Neti, as you said, he has the best sense of naturality that's why his maps turns out natural.

    Anyways, nice tut Neti. In tree placement, I usually start at creating trees in all sides(the part where you said "the probably worst placing ever" because you said that even though you edit it, it'll still suck). I may as well follow your/Disturbed's tree placement from now on. I'm also using the way of creating seas and mountains except for the placement of rocks(I suck at that). Well I hope that everyone will improve their natural way of mapping after reading ths tut.

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