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    Hello, I'm Psk, also known as Donnaclus A. Nyren.

    This is my table of contents:

    1. Inserting Pokemon Front/Backsprites.
    2. Shiny Problems
    3. Common Problems
    4. Indexing Sprites
    5. Taking sprites out of Vedios.
    6. Spriter's Dictionary

    1. Inserting Pokemon Front/Backsprites:

    You'll need:

    -A backup

    Now, I'm going to insert Dialga using Sprites I got permission to use from DJG:

    First, Get a pure Dialga Sprite, Indexed and Clean:

    Then open Un-lz GBA, For this tutorial i'll replace likitung (or whatever spelling):

    Click on "Import": Choose your dialga sprite.PNG

    Make sure your Pallete "Pal"is set only for this PKMN. Or else your doomed. Most of the time it is if the pokemon is kinda you know, exculsive.

    Now it looks like this:

    See? our pallete's screwed up form is on.
    However, the first line, or the first 16 colors will be the pallette after we write to rom.

    Now Click Write to Rom.

    Check Auto Abort if new data if bigger if you want to.

    Now, click Ok.

    Guys, btw do not use any sprite rightaway. Dialga screwed up my sprite. Lickitung is better for Palkia, Pink to Pink.

    The Screenshots are edited by paint, as i removed titles and the last shot has the screwed up dialga covered with a proper one, preventing problems. Guys do not replace before double checking your sprite.

    Thanks for: Elitemap and Jagold.

    2.Shiny Problems:

    You'll need:

    *Pokepic found with elitemap

    Ok. Everybody Knows that there's a Normal Frontsprite and a Shiny Backsprite to insert a Pokemon. However, the game doesn't recognize that by itself. It needs a special pallete. Open IrfanView on a clean INDEXED sprite. Open one on theback sprite too.

    Now click Image/ Edit Pallete

    Now for each/ you notice that each one has a pallete of 16 different colors.

    THe upper pallete is for the normal form. while the lower pallete is for shiny. Notice that the color in the lower pallete is the shiny mode of the same slot in the upper pallete. for example, The brown colour is green in the lower pallete.

    Trust me, then try it on Pokepic. If the Shiny Frontsprite on it is calculated perfect, then you've done it. Check the Normal Backsprite also.

    Thanks for:

    *IrfanView *Elitemap (The Helmeted Rodent)

    Common Problems:


    1- Un-lz GBA
    2- Your desired Image
    3- Your ROM
    4- FSF or a Hex Viewer

    Remember this Picture:

    The dialga screwed up. Auto abort if new data is bigger is NESSECARY
    if you're inserting any sprite. The Dialga's hex size was high. Here's how you do it , however I won't be getting screenshots now. :\

    1- Click the Auto Abort Button without Automatically fix pointers when you click write to rom

    2- It'll tell you the hex size.

    3- Use a hex viewer and find one offset with a lot of FFs or 00s OR use FSF and use the Hex<->Dec Converter and convert your hex code into Dec, then use FSF and search. Get the offset.

    4- Now go back to UN-lz. Choose your Image, Write to ROM, check them ALL. Change the Image Offset to the new one. But leave the first '00' alone. for example if the original Sprite Offset is '00E78CF5', change it to '00980100' without editing the first two zeros

    5- If you found a message saying (found at ptr n.#, changed) message, you did it!

    4- Indexing Sprites:

    We'll be needing:

    2-An unindexed sprite.


    1- Bring your sprite. (It doesn't matter if it is not resized in GBA, though but 80x80 is max... )
    2- Use IrfanView and decrease color depth to 16 colors. In case You want it for GSC that's 8 colors
    3- Kill Missingno before he glitches your sprite! Lol. Click Save as and put a different name.
    4- Still using the same sprite, open the pallete and let your 'transparent' color be the first one to the left. Click OK. now save the sprite. Remember, Now we have two, the saved as one and the screwed-pallete transparent to color one
    5- Open both with paint and copy paste the vaild one to the transparent-colored set one.
    6- Save and close.

    5.Taking Sprites out of Vedios

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