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well, after working on a hack for a while i got bored and decided to make a new one!

IDEA:you're the son of lance. you have been chosen by the elder of blackthorn city (the elder dude from crystal) to start a journey and be the next big pkmn master. you are put through many trials. lance gives you a bagon and he tells you to go train at mt silver... journey to the top of mount silver and witness an epic battle between red and a trainer (hiro/talor/gold) red pwns taylor wit charizard's hyperbeam and blast an exit to the other side of mt silver. red and taylor exits through the hole. you go through and see a stunning new region! a mountainous region, terra (or another name if already taken), is north of johto and will have many complex caves in you wake... soon discover the history of terra and what lies underneath it...

...there will be badges and you will have to live up to your father's legacy!

...this is pokemon: Dragon Legacy!

would this be a good story? please reply


PS: is claire related to lance? i'll also make it so you can journey back to johto and do the johto leage challenge. also you will have an older sister as a rival.
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