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    From what we can tell, so far there hasn't been much "Madness"....

    I'm dry as well.

    I wanted to go ahead and try to get some shiny Abras, but my old DS Lite is practically broken. The Sleep Mode error is connected to the top screen because it's worsened so bad that I can screw up the top screen, make it looked glitched, and this can even make it freeze.

    I do not want to lose any sort of shiny because of this, so now more white DS Lite for me.

    So now my main objective, again, is Magikarp. I'm creeping up on 1,700 hatched now.

    I need this Pokemon.

    For the sake of my battling career... If I do not get it soon, I and my team have a bleak future.

    Good luck everyone!
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