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    Originally Posted by Pokemon Jupiter Version View Post
    Actually, the reason why the tracks octaves are low (or high for the bass notes) is because, unlike Pokemon, all of the instruments are set at the same frequency. Unless you import every single last instrument wav, you'll have to edit them manually. And I'm keeping how to do this a secret until a later release of Jupiter *wink*

    I've hacked TLA's songs before, it's kind of hard to get the instruments to sound correct.

    Oh yes, I just remembered that "That town with the dead dude" is really called "Yallam". Damn me being so inconsiderate of the fictional deceased.
    Mmk. Sorry to sound stupid here but.. what's an octave lol? Also when you are done with the Golden Sun 1 VM me or post it here. Thanks in advance.

    Oh, and TSK. Thanks a lot. Now I don't have to go through the hassle of looping the songs, I can just export tracks using modern sappy =).

    EDIT: I see what you guys mean by octaves... xD. So I guess I CAN'T import the tracks and make them sound right without editing the instruments (which I don't want to do since I'm importing a variety of music, not just Golden Sun). I guess I'll do it the old way and loop em myself. It sounds better that way, because the volume isn't all messed up and the instruments aren't all messed up. Thanks anyway, I might still use it for some songs that don't sound messed up as much though.

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