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Originally Posted by DDD'SSCEPTILE View Post
Take care brother.
I'm getting better fast.

I also have a shiny Grimer now.

But I'm a little disappointed.

After all that trouble chaining in the rain, waiting for daylight, and finally getting to 40 (didn't screw up or miss-step once), I get a shiny Grimer then the chain breaks when I come out of it.
Now if that ain't a bummer I don't know what is.

And it has a Naive nature. =/

So I don't know what to do. I could try again, and I want to, but that's a lot of work. And since I've having to leave my DS open at night instead in sleep mode (still charging) the light disrupts my sleep.

It's hard to chain at night in the rain, too. Much easier during the day.
I really wish the chain didn't break, lol....

Good luck everyone, tonight I'm gonna SR for Charmander somemore to try and get my first entry for March Madness since Radar shinies don't count. (They count in my own little personal March Madness though! lol!)


I'm getting tired for people calling me cheater..... for having 800 Max Repels. =\


Shiny Grimer Video

I'm gonna try and chain them again.
It's too bad you didn't record the immediate chain break in your video, as that would provide irrefutable proof that shiny patches can break chains on edges.

I lost an Absol chain on a shiny patch, the result of which denied me a female Jolly one with Super Luck. Prior to that, I didn't know the causes of edgebreaks and assumed that because every shiny patch is forced to contain your Pokémon that they can never break chains.

It's entirely that "remained quiet" message to blame.

Originally Posted by DDD'SSCEPTILE View Post
I have a question.

Down at the bottom of the page it has the tags for the SHC.

One of them is midnight.

Lol. I put that there. Early on, we were considering calling ourselves the Midnight Shiny Hunters, because folks like rsgh5 (ryan) and SkinnyGreenMan found themselves shiny hunting mostly during the middle of the night. (I'm guilty of that, too.) I put it there as an homage to the good old days. *reminisces on SRing a shiny Porygon at the game corner*

Originally Posted by PokemonMichael View Post
I now, officially... HATE TREECKO! why it wont shine is seriously beyond me :<. 12000 resets. GRR lol, Goodluck on the magicarp, DDD.
What version are you using to do your SRs? If your answer is Emerald then you have your explanation. Emerald has a broken RNG that gives out the same numbers over and over again. I did somewhere in the range of 40,000 resets for shiny Treecko on Emerald before this was known. (I was even fully restarting my game every thousand, which was clearly not enough.)

I've been occupied with osu! mostly, though I am still SRing Dialga quite regularly.

My current count is 4861. Here's hoping for some March Madness to float my way.
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