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    Light-hearted story, inspired by the golden age of my very life. Also inspired by Mother (the video game that is - not my actual mother, haha).

    Earth Heart sets place in Tetral, a rural diverse region which includes various mountains and vast bodies of water. It is a fairly small region, inhabitated by mostly the phenonemonial creatures known as Pocket Monsters, or as we often call Pokemon. Tetral is unrecognizable to the world, being highly unpopular for it's bland emptiness and lack of notable attractions. However.. There is one thing special about Tetral..

    What would that be?

    Well.. that's a little hard to explain.

    Earth Heart begins in the friendly town of Green Grass Village. Every night, an eerie and mysterious large shadow covers over Green Grass Village. Lately, several of the residents and Pokemon living in Green Grass Village began to dissapear or act strangely, usually resulting them isolating themselves from society. A Pokemon rancher named Mason sends a group of children, who are supervised by "Big Brother" Hero, to investigate these strange dissapearences (why he sends a group of children is beyond me). After a chain of bizzare events, Hero and the group discovers that the dissapearence of the people in Green Grass Village is in fact the work of an evil invading Alian race!! Alians have been abducting or brainwashing many of the residents in Green Grass Village which ensues the conflict of our story..

    Prior to this, the Alians have also been responsible for a worldwide phemenonial calamity - resulted by the long absense of the Eight Spirit Stars who grants people's hopes and wishes which had maintained the tranquility of the world. Each of the Spirit Stars have been scattered throughout Tetral, sealed within a Sanctuary that is guarded by powerful Alians. With the riddance of the Spirit Stars and lack of wishes being granted, the Alians introduced hazardous technology, threatening the region of Tetral.

    The Alians base their Mothership on Green Grass Village, destorying it in the progress as the Alians easily take complete control over the helpless village. Oh no! Nearly all the residents of Green Grass Village became mindless zombies, slaves to the Alians. Fortunately, the group of children assisted by their elder Hero is safely teleported to the town of Center, through the help of a Jirachi nicknamed Chi - who is on a desperate mission to save the eight Spirit Stars and rid the world of it's chaos. Through an uncanny alliance, the group embarks on their journey to help Chi rescue the Eight Spirit Stars, in order to save their village from the Alians - and in the progress, save the world.


    Rules: I'm a fairly lax guy on rules.

    1. Proper grammar and spelling would be nice for everybody.
    2. Being active would also be great. It'd be a pain if you'd join and only post three times.
    3. No bunnying.
    4. Don't godmod.
    5. Don't drink and drive.
    6. Blah, blah, blah.
    7. Rules suck, I dunno what I'm talking about.
    8. And follow the basic rules - read the Rules Thread!
    9. And have fun. Cause it sucks when you don't have fun.

    Well with that out of the way, let's get to the important stuff.

    Unlike most Pokemon RPs, this story features Pokemon primarily as the main enemies of the story rather then being depicted as pets for Pokemon trainers to use in their battles. Characters utilize their own abilities and powers rather then relying on the use of Pokemon. Though, a "Trainer class" is available and characters are allowed to have Pokemon..

    Characters are limited to having only ONE Pokemon, preferably one from a low-tier - like, a Pikachu would be a perfect, so as long as the Pikachu isn't Ash's.. These Pokemon are known as "partners" (I'm totally not refering to that Spinoff Pokemon Ranger game). You are allowed to switch your Partner Pokemon with another species, in case you get bored of the one you have.

    And just to clear this - I don't really care about Shinies! I don't see what the whole big deal is about Shinies, they're just oridinary Pokemon creatures with a different color pallete in the games. Sure they're rare but I don't care. You can have a Shiny for your Partner Pokemon. Heck, you can even recolor your Pokemon if you really want to. (Have a blue Pikachu!)

    I won't explain much about Tetral, as realistically story-wise, many of the characters are unbeknown to much of the region. Those who join the RP may create new towns and add additional locations for Tetral - I won't mind. You guys are going to help build a region I was too lazy to finish! Hahah! *cough* But, geographically-wise, Tetral is very similar to the Kanto region of the Pokemon games.

    Other then that, you can have a maximum of two characters - usually a protagonist and a supporting sidekick.

    Name-(At least one name is needed)
    Age-(Under 16)
    Gender-(actually, no gender is an option - if your character's, like, a robot)
    Birthday-(State just the month and day, no one cares about the year)
    Relatives-(Briefly state the character's family members)
    Item-(Notable items that the character carries with him/her)
    Like-(The thing they like)
    Dislike-(The thing they don't like)
    Hair color-(Anime is so ridiculous - Who's born with natural pink hair!!?)
    Eye color-(Eye color)
    Good point-(Character's strength, positive trait)
    Bad point-(Character's weakness, negative trait)
    Hobby-(What the character likes to do in their spare time)
    Appearance-(prefered if explained through description, rather then just using a picture. Pictures are allowed though.)
    Personality-(Description of the character's characteristics)
    Powers and Abilities-(Supernatural powers are allowed)
    History-(If you keep looking back at the past, you can't make a future - basically saying that this part is entirely optional, as people's history rarely matter all that much in RPs)

    Hair color-
    Eye color-
    Good point-
    Bad point-
    Powers and Abilities-

    My SU

    Birthday-August 28th
    Relatives-Younger sister (Kiri)
    Like-Submarine Sandwich
    Dislike-Stomach aches
    Hair color-Blonde
    Eye color-Dark Red
    Good point-Protective
    Bad point-Cowardice
    Hobby-Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors)
    Appearance-He has a fairly simplex look in which compliments his personality. He has long blonde straight hair which is often tied in a ponytail. He has spikey bangs, curving down to the left of his face, covering his eyebrows. His eyes are quite narrow but always gives off that "friendly" look on Hero's face. His skin is a little more tan in comparison to others. His body build is rather slender but he is notably tall, being nearly seven feet tall. Hero often wears a red lether jacket, left zipped open fully revealing his black undershirt. He wears baggy white pants and bulky red platform shoes. In cold weathers, Hero wears a red scarf around his neck, covering his jaw and mouth. The scarf is long and often flies around like a cape. Other then that, his attire remains the same throughout the story. Hero also has a blue backpack, which often holds Chi (a Jirachi who accompanies Hero and the group).

    Personality-Hero is depicted as a gentle but cowardly and lax person and despite being among the oldest people in his home, he is in fact very childish, acting irresponsible when dealing with his actions. But in general, Hero is an upmost generous and well-mannered person who always keeps a friendly smile. He isn't the brightest guy, always struggling when dealing with problematic situations - but that doesn't give reason to hate Hero. He may be a dopey person, but he is truly a good person at heart.

    Hero is mostly recognized as a coward due to his reluctant and fearful nature and his notorious habit of running away. He is paranoid with his superstitions, having strong beliefs in ghosts and demons. On another note, Hero is knwon to be very humble, and in result, suffers from what seems like inferiority complex. He often treats himself as a "weakling" and is too intimidated to get himself involved in a fight with someone, strongly believing that he's going to lose and get injured severely in the progress - a fact which amazes everyone, especially his enemies and foes, who often see Hero as a formidable opponent.

    Though he doesn't live up to his name all that much, Hero is very protective, especially over those he deeply cares about. He himself doesn't seem to acknowledge this fact at all, but it is this that earned Hero the title of Big Brother in Green Grass Village.

    Hero is notable for being a "big eater", consuming alot of food in just one meal in a very fast period of time. He manages to finish ten Submarine Sandwiches in just half a minute. Because that he eats so quickly, he commonly chokes on his food or hiccups occassionally. Consequently, he suffers from stomach aches later on.

    Powers and Abilities-Though a coward, Hero is a surprisingly cunning fighter in battle. He is very athletic, a consequential fact as he participates in many sports, notably his talent in martial arts and football (soccer). All these traits subsequently make up for his reluctant nature, which unfortunately and ironically renders all of his athletic attributes useless as Hero easily gets too intimidated to act and he is unable to use these skills effectively.

    Hero also possesses some PSI powers, though he is only limited to recieving telepathic messages from others.

    History-There's not much to say about Hero's past - mainly because he never really had much of an interesting past. Hero was discovered as a lone orphan, found on the outskirts of Green Grass Village. Not alot is known about Hero's origins - where he came from, or who his parents are. Though in spite of that, Hero had little to no difficulty fitting in Green Grass Village, growing up to be a well-mannered, healthy but reluctant person.

    Hero was raised by Mason, Kiri's grandfather and a renowned Pokemon rancher in Green Grass Village. In his childhood, he often spent his time partcipating in various sports. He did his share of chores for Mason and also spent time taking care of his sister Kiri. Eventually as the years pass by quickly, Hero became a renowned baby sister and was often given the task of looking after spoiled brats well-behaved children.


    The story's limit capacity of characters is 5 - not including my own character.

    NOTE TO MODERATORS: If there's anything wrong with this RP thread that needs to be corrected and fix, inform me through a PM please. Thanks.