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    Post that's more than a month late, go!

    Well, I'm hoping Pingu works things out with the CBS (I'll talk to him on Yahoo when I get the chance if he doesn't post here), but if it doesn't, I'll ask you for help. Also, you might be able to help me out with coding other stuff, if you're interested. Pingu was working on the CBS and bag if I remember right, but I still need the custom menu system. ^^

    Well, I suppose, since nobody's asked for screens, I'd put up shots of something I thought I already showed: the Goldenrod City Pier you'll be able to access after you beat Pryce (or at least that's my plan; I haven't made the guard keeping watch there disappear as soon as it happens yet, lol). It'll house the Move Tutor and Relearner, and a fisher you can get a Hyper Rod from. I can't remember if I took it from RSE or FRLG or if I made it up, but the way I want to make it, you have more chances of getting a rare Pokemon, but less chances of actually reeling it in. (If there was a Hyper Rod in a game, let me know so I know I didn't make it up XD) I kinda forget what I was going to do with the cave there, though I think I was going to make it like that Dunsparce cave in FRLG. lolmemory

    So yeah, in between subbing YGO GX, working on 5D's comparisons, and school, I'll try to go back and finish up the whole text thing I was doing, and if Pingu finishes work on the CBS, I'll try to integrate it.
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