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Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post
I really like tne updates!
And no, I am certainly not offended.
Good luck!
thank you man

Originally Posted by SamieNiceGuy View Post
wow lovin the screen. and especialy the bottom ones about a dream.

Originally Posted by nitercap View Post
WOW this is looking really great!
Hope you don't give up on this like the rest of the hackers with there good hacks
I believe to succeed in ending this hack because I have thought about releasing a beta every month.
I think that the beta they will be 3
each with a different name
Beta 1 - The ghosts of the past
Beta 2 - The confinements of the world
Beta 3 - The heart of the time
but I am not sure that will be alone these. :\

Originally Posted by Number Prince View Post
I like the updates Dante! So there won't be any Team Rocket... then who are they? Are they forming a new Evil Team?

So that crazy person returns I'd like to see the Hero punch him!
the two people that steal the arcanine are only a couple of crazy persons ^ ^
in reality in the beta one they will be seen only of escaped the members of a secret team of which I have not decided the name yet but that however they try to open a portal that brings in another world where Crono has been confined..
however now is enough XDxD
I are let me escape too information XD

however soon new updatings about the Cemetery of Deathon Valley.
(the same of the first dream)