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    Originally Posted by Sakiko123 View Post
    Hmm... Well it only happened once in the grass... Frequent saving should help limit it. And so far it only happened in the earlier routes which won't be used much later on, so it might not be a serious problem...

    Route 1 is the area I was trying to remember.
    It's been happening to me too, although more than once. When I was training my Mikachu and Nidoran♂ in Route 1, it happened quite frequently. (It may have happened in Route 2 as well, but I'm not sure)
    Lovin' the beta so far (I just got my second badge, god that forest was annoying xD)

    I've finished the beta (I'm a bit sad that I can't keep playing it... lol), and it was great! There was a few bugs/glitches but they've all been mentioned I think...
    Can't wait for the next release!