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    Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post

    Originally Posted by mitchel1 View Post
    Nice world map you got there >Dante< the forrest tiles are nice too but I've found 1 map bug:

    good luck further
    Actually, that's not a bug.
    Dante took the screen while walking, when the screen was just about to switch.
    Anyway, I like the forest. What is it called?
    And, the region is just wonderous! GL!
    ~Watermelon is right
    the error of that image is caused by the fact that I have taken the image while the player was in movement (stupid error and I have not even realized of it XD)

    @ ~Watermelon: That is not a forest..
    it is only a route that is found in a different zone by that of the player 1.
    Because I don't know if I had told here already it on pokecommunity..
    however in Pokèmon Crono there will be two male heroes that will have in common the basic history.. but there will be different events, different behaviors, will start the game in the two different zones.. one will have need to win the medals..
    while the other no...
    I have only to choose if one will be bad and the other good person...
    or no..
    the only thing that the two will have in common they will be the dreams.
    however thanks to mitchel1 and ~Watermelon

    Originally Posted by Esmas View Post
    Pokémon Crono Version is progressing very well, smooth and quick! You have a very nice set of solid graphics, and you have a good taste for inserting them. Although, for your newest screenshots, you should make the trees less noticeable, if you know what I mean. I think they pop out at you a bit too much, and possibly there are a few too many trees in that area. Nonetheless, it looks good.

    Also, good job with the Midamond Region, Dante! It looks very new! Good luck.
    thank you man..
    I will try to follow your suggestion mending the trees
    thanks for your support

    Originally Posted by Number Prince View Post
    I like the updates, Dante!

    The forest is really big, and the World Map of Miamond is extremely cool!

    Wow! It is really rare to Mitchel commenting on
    other People's Hacks!
    about mitchel1..
    he is my friend..
    I'm really happy that he supports Pokemon Crono..
    because also I am fan of his hack
    I've finally completed the forest!
    Unfortunately I have not decided the name to give him yet however it should have an aspect of this kind...

    Naturally the scripts don't miss..
    rather in the forest you will meet the first gym Leader of the region of Midamond!
    Its name is LEON and is a fanatic of Pokèmon coleopter.
    You will meet him in a circumstance some strange..
    in fact, in the moment in which you will meet him, in the forest there is a very rare event called the dance of the moon.
    an event that happens once every ten years, where the Butterfree dance under the light of the moon.
    I have thought that, with POOCHYENA as starter, it can be some difficulty to face a gym of Pokèmon coleopter, therefore I have decided to furnish a help to the Player...
    naturally this help is a surprise that I won't reveal now xD

    thanks to all for your support!!!
    At the next news!