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    I agree with Disturbed. I see nothing wrong with the first way of mapping. I do it that way and my maps turn out pretty decent. The thing is that most people are told that their maps turn out too square, so they round the edges. It's possible to be too rounded. That's the problem from that way of mapping. If the edges are too rounded, it still looks unnatural and many people fail to point that out. Also, as Disturbed said, the trees don't look bad in rows. Especially the Fire Red tiles. I've seen many take those tiles and try mapping in the style you have here and it doesn't work that well. At least, in my opinion, they don't. I guess it really depends on the tiles you are using and if it's done correctly.

    You're way of mapping works very well because it has that sense of randomness that you would see in the real world. I have to admit though, it compromises some playability. I, as the player, wouldn't appreciate the naturality in-game.

    I guess it comes down to opinion, but, whatever.

    Really a great tutorial anyways.
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