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Originally Posted by Xanthine View Post
It's completely cool that you got caught up in real life, though. After all, real life > fanfiction. Still, I hope things'll be all right with you. Hopefully, we'll crawl out of the recession we're in, so it might be a bit easier for all of us. x_x
Yeah, but AIG's blunder hasn't helped tempers any. I kind of feel sorry for President Obama because his ideas were pretty sound but stuff's so chaotic, whenever something goes wrong, the blame is on him. Didn't like his attitude on Jay Leno's show last night though... He's gotten a little cocky since getting elected and could use a little bit of a reality check just to snap him out of it.

But, dang, this recession is truly a nightmare. My hometown's food bank has seen more then three times the people it used to see this time last year (and its not that big). I mean, it was a little embarassing when my family (who's never really had it easy, being in the lower class and all) had to start going to it after I took off from college. Now, it's really dire seeing people who I knew were pretty well off coming as well. Even our church has gotten more attendees praying for relief. I've never seen it services so packed. Signs of the times, that's for sure.

Some good news, though, a few people I know have started building again, so that means work for my carpet business *grins maniacally*.