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    Originally Posted by Lumino View Post
    Well, those sprites you made are decent, Mac. The only problem I find is the outline. You need black outlines other than just completely colored ones. So, uh, you'll need to add a few black colors to the outline of your sprite.

    I think no one understood that. :/
    I'll try that, thanks
    Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post
    I think I did.. xD
    Maccer, you should do what he's saying. Maybe I could do some...

    EDIT: Something like this...
    Or you could keep your own unique style.
    Yeah, I'll have a go at it, maybe later on today :D. That would be awesome if you could do some for me PM me and I'll get you the download link

    Alright, so here we have another sprite for rating, its done by our latest member, CasyCoati, an amazing spriter
    I present to you, Lulleep!
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