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    Originally Posted by Skunter View Post
    Yeah, but AIG's blunder hasn't helped tempers any.
    Seriously. But at least it's making good fodder for the comedians.

    I kind of feel sorry for President Obama because his ideas were pretty sound but stuff's so chaotic, whenever something goes wrong, the blame is on him.
    *nods* Yeah, that's one of the things about being the president, though. You get elected, and automatically, everyone tries to find something to blame on you. It's really part of the job description, regardless of how good you are.

    Still, I really would like some of those ideas Obama had to come into fruition instead of watching politicians and CEOs going "lolwut." I'd really like to have a job after I graduate.

    Didn't like his attitude on Jay Leno's show last night though... He's gotten a little cocky since getting elected and could use a little bit of a reality check just to snap him out of it.
    Really? I've heard about the Special Olympics thing, but I haven't seen what else he's done on the show. Which kinda makes me regret the fact that I've stopped watching NBC in the past year because it apparently makes me miss the things that make the internet go crazy. (Remember Rick Astley during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Flipping missed it. Go me.)

    Signs of the times, that's for sure.
    Ouch. I'm really sorry to hear about all that. At most, we can only really hope things'll get better, but on the positive side, at least we don't have a 25% unemployment rate, right?

    Some good news, though, a few people I know have started building again, so that means work for my carpet business *grins maniacally*.
    Sweet! Good luck with that. =D

    Originally Posted by Tigrerra View Post
    I've only read the prologue so far, but I will admit that it alone is excellent. Was that red thing perhaps Deoxys?
    Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

    Unfortunately, the red thing is not Deoxys. I say "unfortunately" because you find out what it actually is and what it likes to do in the next chapter.
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