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Very interesting, to say the least. Hm...I'm feeling adventurous. I'll join in

Name- Kale
Age- 17
Gender- Male
Birthday- August 13th
Relatives- None
Item- Backpack
Like- To be alone
Dislike- Annoyances
Hair color- Raven Black
Eye color- Deep Purple
Good point- He's protective of anything he cares for
Bad point- He's very impatient
Hobby- Drawing/Sketching
Appearance- I'm no good with descriptions~ Kale
Personality- Kale is a very quiet, very secluded person. He as no friends besides the small Minun that resides on his shoulder. Kale is also
Powers and Abilities- He can shoot fire out of his hands...xD Totally kidding. Kale has quite the scrawny physique, but he's an excellent fighter nevertheless. He has no actual power, but he's incredibly talented in the martial arts portion of life.
History- Kale lived with a pretty poor family for the majority of his life. One fateful day when he was 5 his house caught fire and burned down. He was the only one spared from death. He grew up with Pokemon and one couldn't leave him when he decided to take off; his Minun.
Kale now resides in Green Grass Village living in not a house, but in any Pokemon Center he comes across in or close to the village.
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