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Originally Posted by minchan View Post
Aww that new sprite is so adorable!!!
I know, its great eh :D

Originally Posted by Westrmistr View Post
Wow! That back sprite of Lulleep is awesome! But I see just one little problem. The arm... It's so far down. It just looks strange. But if it's moved a little higher then It would be perfect!! Awesome sprite!
Alright, I'll talk to him about that, or I'll try and do it myself

Originally Posted by Sricule View Post
So far all the Sprites are awsome

Originally Posted by blikosaur View Post
lulleep looks very proffesional, actually it could probably be mistaken for a real pokemon sprite if someone didnt know it was fake. mimity is well done but there are a few sharp edges on the ears, head and body which need to be rounded. the backsprites for both are very well done.
Alrighty, those edges are being rounded off now

Originally Posted by Sitrow View Post
cool new sprites mac! ur really gettin it goin :D

congratz to mac's team too great job guys. get out there and show em that fakemon are the future! lol. yay pep talk
I know, the team is awesome, they are really getting things done

Originally Posted by NHMQ View Post
Pokemon Torzach looks definitely sick! I can't wait to play it! I love the idea of 250+ Fakemons!
Im totally supporting this and wait until it comes out!

Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
Lulleeps really look great, but Mimity looks a little pale and it lacks some black outlines?
But still, both look nice.
Yeah, I thought they needed bringing to life a bit, so I brightened the palette slightly, I didn't want to overdo it and blind everyone I also added some black to the outline, so tell me what you think of this one
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