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    Originally Posted by Jonny Chleevas View Post
    uhh.... ur kanto iz upsidedown....
    It looks really nice, if a bit dull. and i wish i could use those tiles, they look awesome.
    Thanks for the comment Yeah its upside down..juz to make it a bit different and there is a few new town and route. The tiles is from Kyledove, I juz add a few custom tiles to make the map more like a harbor.

    Originally Posted by Neo-Dragon View Post
    It looks original Awan.
    I'm not a huge fan of the font used (not the options themselves, but the rest).

    Is that the default menu? I think that would be a nice change to see.
    Thanks Neo-Dragon Hmm...its Agency FB, I might change it back to Pokémon fonts. And YES, it is the default menu, I called it POKéNAV (a new system one ). I also change the bag to POKéSULE, its a capsule used for storing items (*coughdragonballcough*).

    Originally Posted by f0r3v3r-70x1c View Post
    a screenshot of the surfing and the interface though the poketch is still a work in progress and doesent work yet but it will do im just working on the codes for it
    i based it around the ds interface but iv made the poketch look like it does in the anime
    Really nice look of poketch, but isnt the screen too small?