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    Originally Posted by zel 2.0 View Post
    Really cool graphics, Dante. And an even more impressive worldmap you have there.

    By the way, good job on changing the Wally's script for a capture of a Red Gyarados. I wish I could catch a Red Gyarados that easily!!!

    Keep it up, Dante. As soon as it has proper grammar (it's a bit difficult to follow you sometimes), it'll be an awesome game
    thanks man..
    it hasn't been very simple to modify that event..
    in fact without the help of my "teacher of hacking" HackMew I would not have succeeded there..
    as it regards the errors of grammar you are perfectly right..
    it is very complicated to correct this errors..
    then I think that I will ask help to my friend Buizel9 to test the hack and to signal me the possible errors of grammar.
    however thanks for your message friend

    Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post
    So Dante, March is ending impatiently.
    I can't wait to see the updates!
    you are right friend..
    March is about to end..
    but is not ended still XDXD
    truth is that in the last times the jobs are slowly proceeding because, to the moment,
    my friend Koder has the rom because he is helping me to correctly insert the map of the region..
    within tomorrow I should succeed in taking back the jobs.
    The only problem is that I won't succeed in creating the history of the second hero..
    in the beta 1 both the heroes will have the same history..
    but in the beta 2 I will change this thing.