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Originally Posted by Sitrow View Post
wow this looks amazing! with the way this looks, is it really a ruby ROM base? if so then wow ur a really good hacker. i cant wait to see a finished product of this :D
yeah sure
the base it's ruby USA

Originally Posted by RibbonFan View Post
This hack looks (and sounds) great!
I love the idea of two different stories to follow,
keep up the great work!
thanks man

Justified everything if of some time I don't put a day..
but I have been very busy and I have had a lack of ideas.
Now but I have already thought as in another mini history like that of GYARADOS...
or a secondary history that will come closer to the main history.
Among the new images there is:
The map of the region of MIDAMOND with all the made corrections...
because in the previous map, Koder forgot to insert me a couple of cities
but now my friend has corrected everything (that is blessed) with a lot of patience..
then although I have made it I already want still to give the thank you Koder for the fatigue that has made ^ ^

and finally the last city of the beta 1!!
The city calls herself I PORTO VALUM.
It is a sea city where the player will go to take a ship that will take it in a new city to understand the reason of its dreams better.
Naturally they won't lack the script and of the small events.
oh! also in this city a new character will be..
very important for the history and the new TEAM WATER!
At the moment it is everything..

the golden dream??

if you have some advice on the tiles..
I will listen to you