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Project Amethyst
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    Project Amethyst

    Nothing like a well-established developer to kick a new thread off :P

    Team Name

    Project Amethyst

    Team Leader


    Current Members

    • Blueguy (spriter)
    • Esmas (spriter)
    • Legacy Raider (spriter)
    • P.I.E.86 (spriter)
    • Headpunch (spriter)
    • Phoenixsong (designer)
    • Aldaron (competitive)
    • Nopie (spriter)
    • Blu (designer)
    • Lmayonaise (designer)
    • Lorem Ipsum (musician)

    Current Game

    Pokémon Amethyst

    Current Progress Made

    A thread in the Games Showcase; leading up to a demo soon.

    Positions Needed

    • Scratch Pokémon spriter (Fakemon and D/P Pokémon) - front, back and menu icons
    • Overworld spriter (using a custom style)
    • Trainer spriter (scratch sprites only)
    • Musician/sound effects (i.e. Pokémon cries)
    • Character designer


    GMT (Greenwich Mean Time; e.g. the UK)

    Method of Contact

    The Project Amethyst forums (see my signature)

    Additional Info

    • I only want experienced staff members who can produce high-quality work. Here's some examples by existing staff (this is the kind of quality I'm looking for): Overworld sprite / Pokémon sprite / Pokémon design
    • Once you have been accepted into the staff, you will gain access to the Staff forum in the Project Amethyst forums, which will let you see other staff members' work and get constructive criticism on your own.
    • All project staff will receive a Mystery Gift for Pokémon Amethyst once the game is completed, and will also have a cameo appearance in the game (similarly to how Game Freak appears in the official games).
    Thanks for reading; I hope to see some interest soon! Good luck to anyone else searching for a team, too!