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    Just loved the idea Neo Dragon ;p

    Team Name:

    Pokémon Uranium Team (PU Team for short)

    Team Leader:


    Current Members:

    - ZephyrPlusle (spriter, writer, idealist..)
    - Pichuk (spriter)
    - Zorin (spriter/ recently inactive =/)
    - Me obviously (I make all the maps, programming, scripting, graphic designing etc)

    Current Game:

    Pokémon Uranium

    Current Game Progress:

    A thread in the showcase, a possibly demo being tested (and corrected)..

    Positions Needed:

    -Scratch Pokémon spriter (only Fakemon) - front, back and mini.
    -Overworld spriter (fr/lg)
    -Trainer spriter (preferably scratches)


    gmt -3 (Brazil), that one is pretty versatile since it's good for americans and also europeans.

    Method of Contact:

    - MSN, AIM or here on PC via vm/pm. If you want a job send me a pm or vm.

    Additional Info:

    - I only want experient spriters on the team, since I don't want to low down the overall sprite quality (which is probably one of the best here on PC), the staff always get to play/test the beta before anyone, also can choose/suggest features, fakemon, trainers, maps etc. Believe me, you will have loads of fun working with us ;p.