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    Wow, I leave PC for a few days and get all these posts Well, there is to many to reply to individually, so I'll just do a bulk reply. Those two latest fakies will be fixed, Raptwig may/may not be used, I'm fairly sure Humon will be, but only once he is perfect.
    Originally Posted by Nikeiphoros View Post
    Im all like, yeah, this is a great hack. Then all I see is this:

    Then Im instantly put off, sorry, but yuk.
    Keep the one's you had before.

    Other than that, I like this, I like that you've grasped scripting fast in the right way.
    Wishing you luck!
    I can't believe I left that screenshot up :\ Those were originally gonna be tiles and palettes we would use, but we ditched those weeks ago. The tiles we are using are the ones in the current screens in the first post, which are much nicer
    Now, for the Alpha, how long do you think it should be? Right now, or, once we complete the scripts and fix bugs, will include *about* 4 towns, one gym, and a few events. Does everyone think that is long enough?
    Oh, and just so you know, Torzach is now eligible for hotw!
    Latest Torzach Updates:

    The Hero sprite and Heroine overworlds, and Torzach's own Forum!